Used Paddle Boards

Stand Up Paddle Boards for touring. Softboard, light, stable, comfy for laying on, SUP Yoga. Great for distance paddling. Best for paddlers 120 -220lbs
USED: $399.00 (MSRP: $1059.00)

Liquid Shredder 12' Lake SUP
Pau Hana Malibu Class EXP SUP

Stand Up Paddle Board for touring. Great all around board for any skill range.
USED: $499.00 (MSRP: $950.00)

Malibu SUP Tour SUP, 11'6"

A great stand up paddleboard that combines both function and comfort. 
USED: $549.00 (MSRP: $1150.00)

A tank of a Paddle board, originally designed to be used on river waves. Great stability and perfect for someone just beginning or looking for a very comfortable board.
USED: $400.00 (MSRP: $800)

The SUPerFISHAL is a fishing stand up paddle board. This SUP is great for any type of angler.
USED: $600.00 (MSRP: $1050)

The Imagine Surf or the Imagine Fit are both very durable and stable boards. If you are looking for something that will survive even roughest use this is the board for you.
USED: $600.00 (MSRP: $1050)

The Imagine Mission is an very high quality sup that is very light weight and stable.
USED: $950.00 (MSRP: $1050.00)

Imagine cross over is a Fiberglass epoxy board which is a very comfortable lake sup.
USED: $850.00 (MSRP: $1240.00)

The imagine Rocket is a high performance SUP. if you are interested in SUP racing this is a great board  to begin exploring the sport.
USED: $950.00 (MSRP: $1240.00)

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