COVID-19 and Issaquah Paddle Sports

How we're putting your safety first

Like many businesses in the Seattle area, Issaquah Paddle Sports as been strongly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic and the disease that it causes, COVID-19. As a business that operates in Lake Samammish State Park, a public space, and provides rental equipment that is used by dozens of people every day, we have a responsibility to make sure that our customers stay safe and healthy while using our gear and  moving about the park on their way to our concession and the beach.

We've been working hard developing new employee guidelines, updating our website to accept online reservations, and creating customer traffic plans to make sure that all park goer's, from customers, IPS staff, visitors and park employees can all stay safe while we operate our rentals. We are doing everything we can, but we need your help to make all this work. If you follow state, local, and IPS guidelines while you rent from us, we can stay safe and and have fun doing it.

If you would like more information about the novel Coronavirus, Covid-19,and what you can do to mitigate and stop its spread, please click the links below.

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Link to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) webpage for the Coronavirus

Link to the Washington State Dept. of Health Webpage for the Coronavirus.

Changes to IPS

Here are some of the many things that IPS will implement when we open up for the summer season:

  • Rentals will now be done entirely online, minimizing contact between customers, staff and park visitors

  • As before the pandemic, we are providing our liability form online here so that customers can speed up their reservation check-in process and further minimize contact with others

  • To facilitate social distancing, we've painted markings on the asphalt in front of our concession that show where you should stand to remain 6 feet apart from other people in line with you.

  • UPDATE: IPS staff will not be wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) while working.

  • Customers will be asked to take particular paths to and from the beach

Customer Guidelines

While you are at Lake Samammish State Park renting from IPS:

  • Please be courteous and follow IPS and Lake Sammamish State Park guidelines while interacting with IPS staff at the concession, walking between stations, and on the beach.

  • Show up 10 minutes before your rental reservation. This will give us time to fix any complications that arise during check-in.

  • If you need to fill out a liability form at the concession, please bring a pen. If you don't have one, we provide disinfected pens