General Reservation and Check-In information

Age Restrictions

  • Paddlers must be 18 years or older

    • OR

  • there must be at least one person 18 years or older paddling with them on the same or another paddle craft

Check-in Requirements

  • You must be 18 years or older

    • If you are part of a group, all group members must be present at check-in


    • Valid ID examples: Drivers license, Military ID
    • ID card MUST HAVE persons correct age on it
    • We will hold onto it while you are out on the water

Rental times and restrictions

  • Rentals will become available at 6:00 AM each day we're open. See hours of operation.

  • All rentals are SAME DAY RENTALS.

  • You cannot reserve a rental for a future date.

  • You can make a reservation for any rental time up to 10 minutes before that particular time.

  • Rentals are 1 hour only.  Please return to the beach 1 hour after you get on the water and start paddling.

Refund Policy

  • Refunds are possible up to 1 hour before your scheduled rental. Please call us or email us as soon as possible if you cant make it to IPS by your rental time. Thank you for you understanding.

  • If you can't make it to IPS by your rental time but still want to rent that day, please call us. We will work with you to see if other times are available

How to make a reservation:

  1. Click on the craft that you wish to reserve below

  2. On the rental craft page, select the number of craft you wish to reserve and at what time, then add it to your cart.

  3. Add any other rental craft to your cart, just as before

  4. Check out! It's that simple.


As you pay for your rentals, you'll input your name, phone number and email. We'll use these pieces of info, along with the time you specified for your rentals, to identify you when you check in.


NOTE: We do not sell, give, or in any way make available, customer information to third parties.