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Open for the Season
rentals available 7 days a week!
Today's Rental Availability

- Thursday, July 18 -


Reserve a rental

**Only groups of 9 or less

Rentals available!

Available on weekends

Rentals available online
or in person

IPS provides many types of craft rentals, from same-day SUP rentals on the weekend to full day sit-on-top kayak rentals a month in advance.


Click the button below to see our rental rates, available rental durations and to make a reservation.

IPS gift cards

Purchase a gift card for a friend, a family member or anyone you like, all online!

We have preset gift card amounts for each craft, for one or multiple hours of rentals, and packages of two crafts. If you want to gift a straight dollar amount instead, that is possible too!

Click the button below to see our gift cards.


Beat the Traffic

Summer has arrived, meaning warm temperatures, clear skies and long lines of cars waiting to get into Lake Samammish State Park.

If it's a nice day, there could be a line at the park entrance, so plan to get to the park early to make it to your reservation on time. 

Stay in the Green!

Lake Sammamish is surrounded by private properties and residences. Please be considerate and stay in the green zone

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Please check our frequently asked question page if you have any questions about the company or the rental process.


Want a job where you can be out in the sun and help people enjoy Lake Sammamish? This is the right place for you!

Click below to learn more about working for IPS

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