Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about rental concession location and Lake Sammamish State Park

Are there any fees to get into Lake Sammamish State Park?

 Yes, you need a Discover Pass or a ten dollar day pass. Lake Sammamish State Park is equipped with several automated pay stations for visitors to purchase one-day passes and annual Discover Passes upon arriving at the park. These pay stations accept credit cards ONLY.

Once I'm in the park, where do I go to get to Issaquah Paddle Sports?

After entering Lake Sammamish State Park and passing the entrance booths, take the first left into the large parking lot. Once you've parked your car, walk towards the grassy picnic area north of the parking lot. To the left of the picnic area, near the beach, there will be a large building with tan siding. That's where we run Issaquah Paddle sports. See image below for a map of the park and our concessions.

Questions about renting from Issaquah Paddle Sports

Do I need to make a reservation to get a rental?

No, we don't take any reservations. The rentals are first come, first serve.

Do I need to wear a life jacket?

Yes, no matter your age, type of rental, or how great of a swimmer you are a life jacket is required. There is a  Life Jackets Loaner Stand with select sizes at Tibbett's Beach Sunset Beach. Also, there are life jackets  available at the rental kiosk free of charge for customers. Sizes are limited on weekends.

Do I need to know how to swim?

Yes, you must know how to swim in order to rent from us. This is a matter of safety and if you plan on being on the water you must be well prepared. 

Can I take rental gear away from Lake Sammamish and Lake Sammamish State Park?

No, take away rentals are not permitted at anytime.

Can I bring children and/or will you provide life jackets for small children?

Yes, children under 18 can rent with parental supervision. We also provide life jackets for people of all ages.

Do I need to accompany my child on the water?

                          Yes, however there are exceptions. Please call if your child is under 18.  We ask that you be within the park and able to see your child at all times.

Are there life guards at Lake Sammamish State  Park?

No, there are no life guards at Lake Sammamish State Park. Swim at your own risk. 

Will I get wet?

Yes, expect to get wet when using IPS rentals. When using the paddle boards you will be expected to walk into knee deep water before standing upon the board. For the Single and Double kayaks you will have small amounts of water entering the boat during use because of the scupper holes inside the boat. These scupper holes allow for the kayaks to be self draining but they allow a small amount of water to enter. In the pedal boat small amounts of water will splash you from the waves.

Do you provide lockers for valuables while we are out on the water?

No, we do not have lockers. You must find a place to leave any of your valuables before going out on the water. We rent a small DRY bag for a phone and wallet.  We cannot hold or be responsible for any personal belongings in the kiosk.

Do you rent Jet Skis?

No, we only rent human powered craft. 

My Groupon or living social has expired. Can I still use it?

Although the deal on the Groupon or Living Social has expired, you can use them at any time to get a one hour rental.

Other questions

Is there any place to purchase food in the Park?

Yes! We have two concessions in Lake Sammamish State Park and both sell food and drinks. At the Tibbets concession, where we rent our water craft, we  sell many different kinds of ice cream along with foods like hot dogs. Over at the Sunset Concession, located on Sunset beach, we also sell ice cream but additionally sell many different coffee and specialty drinks, ranging from Latte's and Capachino's to hot chocolate and Red Bull Italian soda's. Check out our menu here! See below for a map of the park, our concessions and the path between the two concessions.

Who is Kayak Academy?

Kayak Academy owns Issaquah Paddle Sports. Kayak Academy specializes in sea & river kayak lessons and also sells paddling related items such as paddles, PFD's, drysuits, wetsuits and spray skirts. Issaquah Paddle Sports is an outfitter  renting sit on top kayaks and SUPs at Lake Sammamish State Park.


Tibbetts Beach (Rental location):

Monday - Sunday


Sunset Beach Cafe:

Monday - Sunday


*Hours are weather dependent.



Tibbett's Beach

Lake Sammamish State Park

2000 NW Sammamish Rd.
Issaquah, WA 98027


(425) 891-5039

**May - September only**


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