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Staying Safe 

We want you to have a fun and safe time on the water

Please look over our rules

Customer Guidelines due to Covid-19

While you are at Lake Samammish State Park renting from IPS:

  • Please wear a mask while interacting with IPS staff at the concession, walking between stations, and on the beach. Once you are out on the water, feel free to take off your mask.

  • Show up 10 minutes before your rental reservation. This will give us time to fix any complications that might arise during check-in.

  • If you need to fill out a liability form at the concession, please bring a pen. If you don't have one, we provide disinfected pens

Maximum rider capacity for our boats

Single Kayak

  • 1 Adult

Single SUP

  • 1 Adult  & 1 small child

Tandem Kayak ​

  • 2 Adults & 1 small child

Tandem SUP

  •  2 Adults

Inflatable Party SUP

  • 5 Adults

Pedal Boat

  •  2 Adults & 2  Kids

Max Weight

Look your best this Summer at

Issaquah Paddle Sports!


We have sizes to fit everyone from infants all the way to XXXL. All jackets are disinfected after every use, ensuring you'll use a clean life jacket.

Before you go on the water check your life jacket to make sure that it is securely fastened. When the jacket is properly fitted you should not be able to slide it around on your torso, if it moves when pulled please re-adjust the PFD. 

If you bring your own life jacket, you may use it.

Paddlers Please Stay In Green Zone !

Life Jackets: Wear Them!

If you check your life jackets you will see that each one has a whistle attached. This whistle is to only be used during emergencies when you or someone else requires immediate assistance.  Below are examples of when it is okay to use the whistle. As mentioned above, all life vests are disinfected after each use before being given to customers

Times when you should use your whistle:

  •  If you are in the water and unable to re-enter your watercraft

  •  If you need assistance in returning to shore 

  •  Any potentially dangerous situation

Times when you should not use your whistle:

  •  You want to show your parents how loud you can be

  •  You want to know how much time you have left

  •  Any time when there is not an emergency  

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