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Rental Checklist

Discover Pass | Valid ID | Liability Form

**We will not hold onto your valuables, Plan accordingly**

  1. You need a Discover Pass to drive into the park

    • You can purchase a yearly pass or daily pass at the park entrance, at one of the kiosks located in the parking lots, or online. Click here to navigate to the discover pass webpage.

  2. You must fill out a   Release of Liability Form.

    • Every participant must fill out their own form

      • Guardians must sign for participants under 18 years  old

    • Forms are available for download here. If you fill out all forms before you arrive for check-in, you can get on the water faster.

    • We have paper forms at the concession if you cannot fill out the form(s) beforehand. Please bring your own pen for filling out the form. If you can't bring one, we will have disinfected pens available.

  3. You must know  How To Swim.

  4. You must bring a  Valid Form of ID.

    • A valid driver's license, college ID or military ID works. We will hold onto your ID while you are out on the water.

  5. If you bring your own life jacket,  You May Use It.

    • We provide disinfected life jackets for all our rentals but if you own your own, you may use that instead.

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